How To Order
Presently we are accepting payments from Check, Draft or Money Orders only.You need to format an order that can be mailed to us, use the shopping basket to collect all items for the order.  Then press the "Check Out" button.  You will be presented with forms requesting further information.  When asked to select a processing option, select the "Mail a Check/Money Order" option.  This option allows you to format an order on your web browser and after confirming your Order from the website, the System will automatically send an e-mail regarding your order description.   Then you need to Print that e-mail and send by Mail/Post/Courier along with a check, draft or money order to us. Check or Money Order should be made out in Indian Rupees payable to "Vaishali Singh" .

Please send orders via Mail to:

J Robotics Technologies

Main Road, Namdhari Building

Gadarpur, U.S.Nagar

Uttranchal, Pin 263152

Check or Money Order should be made out in Indian Rupees payable to "Vaishali Singh"
For other modes contact us for more details.


Pricing is listed with each individual product, as well as each product category menu.  You can also use our \"Categories\" section which is a complete list of all products.  The Check Out will allow you to price an order including shipping and any applicable tax.  Pricing an order does not obligate you in any way.  If you choose, once your order has been priced, you can then optionally process the order.


We do everything we can; to offer our products at the lowest possible price.  We do offer Shipping waiver on 10 or more of any items we sell.  This discount is automatically applied to when ordering 10 or more of any one item.  You can also contact us to calculate this discount if you need a price quote.

Shipping and Handling

When placing your order, the cost for shipping will be provided once your select the product in your shopping cart.  An order total will be provided.  This a good way to get a total quote prior to committing your final order.

We feel that the courier services are you best choice, if delivering to a physical address where someone can sign for the package.    Our Ground delivery times vary depending on your location. 

Pricing an Order

The shopping basket will reflect extended prices and total cost of all items you have selected.  We\ll also need to include taxes and surcharges to obtain the total price of your order.  To determine these costs, press the "Check out" button on the shopping basket page and proceed to enter information requested on the forms. 


Please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it