About us
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a range of high quality robot kits, controllers and accessories, which are suitable for both educational resource requirements and amateur robotic enthusiasts and to deliver them in a timely manner.
The benefits derived from completing robotics projects from J Robotics are many and include:
     * Developing new skills
     * Learning more about the underlying technology
     * Discovering your own aptitudes and creative flair
     * Keeping pace with new ideas and techniques
     * Stimulating interests across many platforms
     * Exercising your own unique imagination
     * Raise the bar in robotics and related technologies.
     * Lead robotics into the mainstream.
We have made a serious commitment to distribute the absolute highest quality educational robot kits. Our commitment to quality is leading J Robotics series of robot kits soar to the top. These are not "toys," but vehicles for teaching and learning complex robotic principles. They are a lot of fun, though.
We are leading specialty retailer specializing in educational science kits and toys. We offer only quality kits that teach and are fun at the same time. The J Robotics has continued to grow by creating fun and exciting projects for the electronic student and hobbyist.
Supporting our customers is very high on our agenda; we're always keen to hear from our fellow robot enthusiasts. We are here to advise and help you make the right choices according to your needs.
Tech support, should you need it, is as easy as an e-mail or a phone call. We want your experience with robotics and our company to be a favorable one. We want your robot to work.

Our Plan
J Robotics was founded in 1999 with the intention of making robotics easier and wanted something that would utilize their superior technology background. Whether a hobbyist, student, industrial designer or researcher, we recognize that building a complete robot from scratch is not an easy proposition. Successful completion of such a project requires skills in at least the following categories:
     * Electrical Engineering
     * Mechanical Engineering
     * Computer Science
     * Machining
     * Optimism
In addition, even if you possess all or some of these abilities, you still need to find obscure parts, sensors, wheels, and other gadgets to make a custom robot a reality. We try to make this portion of the whole picture more accessible by providing what we feel are only the highest quality parts, books, and information available.
As we grow, we will be able to add new robotics products as they become available and as we increase our volume, we can extend better pricing to our customers.
In the near future, we would like to begin to tackle small parts of the whole problem of building a robot from scratch.
In the longer term, we can use these sub-components of robots to offer flexible and complete robot designs which people can adopt and build on.

Our Background
J Robotics is a fast growing company with a team of highly qualified professionals. J Robotics continues to research, develop, and provide Robotics kits, components and technology. J Robotics persistently strives towards its goal of providing the most effortless and economical robotics kits, components and systems. Regional offices are located in Pune, Uttranchal and Moradabad running by dedicated and amateur robotics enthusiasts.
J Robotics have plan on the premise of a public offering but currently we started the company based on our love of robotics and the intention of establishing ourselves as leaders in robotics. We also feel there is a definite need for our company in the robotics community. In the past, former lives, we have done work in software development, robotics innovations and have extensive programming experience.
To be the pioneer in researching and designing the cutting-edge products in Robotics industry, J Robotics has committed itself to invention and innovation for new technologies.